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Welcome to Blue Research

My name is Erick Lee. By day I'm a computer security specialist and by night I find myself researching pretty much every field known to man. Through my own self study and the great works of others I feel there is so much wrong with our waking life. All I want to do is make it better during the short time I'm here. Blue Research is a site I created to discuss issues that concern us all. In addition, I produce free professional-quality documentation, software, and non-biased reviews of products, restaurants, movies, and whatever else tickles my fancy, with anyone who would like to help. As a group of savvy developers and artists we had decided to push forward some of the technologies which have seemingly gone under developed. Lastly, this is not a shareware or banner posting site, so don't ask. Thanks for stopping by.

In addition, all sections will include the ability for anyone to add comments. Just as soon as I get around to finishing my blog code.